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USA Today

Contribute answers to "Ask the Experts" questions on weather section of print and Web versions.

Questions I have answered

The New York Times

Frances, Again and Again (Letter to the editor, September 11, 2004)


Research and Discovery: Landmarks and Pioneers in American Science

(Edited by: Russell Lawson, published in 2008 by M.E. Sharpe, ISBN: 978-0-7656-8073-0)

Contributed entries on:

  • The Revolution in Meteorology
  • Weather Forecasting
  • National Weather Service
  • National Hurricane Center
  • Climatology
  • Global Warming
  • James Espy
  • Wilson Bentley

Refereed Journal Articles

Grimmond C.S.B., S.K. Potter, H.N. Zutter, and C. Souch. 2001: Rapid methods to estimate sky view factors applied to urban areas. International Journal of Climatology, 21, 903-913. PDF (4.69 MB)

Conference Posters and Preprints

Potter S. Weather Edutainment on the Web: The Southeast Regional Climate Center’s Outreach Program. 11th Symposium on Education, 82nd AMS Annual Meeting. Orlando, Florida, January 2002.


high-res PDF
(1.33 MB)
low-res PDF (386 KB)
Preprint PDF (665 KB)

Grimmond S., S. Potter, H. Zutter, J. Schoof, C. Souch. Evaluation of an Automated Method for Measuring Sky View Factors in Urban Areas. International Conference on Urban Climate 1999 (ICUC'99) Sydney, Australia, November 1999.

PDF (772 KB)

Short Courses and Workshops

AMS Short Course on Forensic Meteorology: Principles, Practices, and Procedures
January 9, 2005, San Diego, California. Short Course Program (21 KB PDF)

  • Served on short course organizing committee
  • Moderated panel discussion: Preparing the Meteorologist and the Attorney for Testimony, or What Each Wished the Other Knew—An Open And Honest Dialogue
  • Presented on Meteorological Overview and Historical Development of Forensic Meteorology
    View PDF of presentation (1.39 MB)

Newsletters and Fact Sheets

The following are series of newsletters and fact sheets that I created while working at the Southeast Regional Climate Center (SERCC), where, among other duties, I was responsible for the center's educational outreach program (for more on this, see the conference poster and preprint above):

Southern AER (Atmospheric Education Resource)
Southern AER is a quarterly newsletter aimed at the K-12 audience. Each issue centers around a different theme of weather and climate and included articles, activities, trivia, and a quiz. I was responsible for the design, copy, editing, graphics, layout and distribution of the publication. View PDFs:
Southeast State Tornado Fact Sheets
This is a series of one-page fact sheets that I designed, researched, and created to provide general information about tornadoes and specific facts and statistics related to tornado occurrences in each state served by the SERCC. Each fact sheet includes a map showing paths of historic tornadoes that affected the state. View PDFs:

Fun and Games

The following are interactive games and activities I created while working at the SERCC (see the conference poster and preprint above). They are designed to be both educational and entertaining, hence the term "edutainment."

Random Weather Trivia
The Random Weather Trivia activity uses JavaScript to randomly access and display one of over 100 weather trivia facts each time the user clicks on the button.
Go to Activity

Weather Map Activity
The Weather Map Activity incorporates a series of interactive surface weather maps to test the users’ knowledge of such fundamental meteorological concepts as air masses, fronts, air pressure and more.
Go to Activity

Weather Symbols Concentration

The Weather Symbols Concentration Game uses a custom-modified Java applet to expose users to common symbols used in synoptic weather maps

Play the Game

Hurricane Name Game

In The Hurricane Name Game, users must identify hurricanes whose names have been "retired" based on satellite images. Clues provide interesting facts on each storm.

Play the Game


Climate Clues:
How Scientists Use Climate Variability to Help Fight Disease
This is an unpublished article I wrote about scientists' use of satellite data to assess the risk of Rift Valley Fever (RVF) in southern Africa and how it relates to changes in precipitation patterns.
View PDF (429 KB)

The Climate Station Chronicles
I contributed a brief article on the history of the Mount Weather Observatory for The Climate Station Chronicles, a newsletter dedicated to preserving the history of weather and climate observations in the United States.  It is supported by the National Climatic Data Center's (NCDC) Climate Database Modernization Program (CDMP).

View PDF (361 KB)

Ben and Jerry's to Lick Global Warming
View PDF (20 KB)
This is a short, unpublished piece that I wrote in April 2005. It coincided with an Earth Day demonstration in Washington, D.C., that Ben and Jerry's participated in to protest drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
For more detailed information on my experience and achievements,
please see my resume/cv.