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About Sean Potter

Sean PotterI am a highly-creative and entrepreneurial meteorologist, science writer, and communications specialist with nearly two decades of experience combining operational meteorology with communications and outreach on a variety of levels. Much of my caree has involved communicating and educating people about weather, climate, science, and the world around them, making highly technical material and research accessible and informative. I also like to focus on the interesting, lesser-known, and historical aspects of meteorology and science and find ways to apply science to people's everyday lives.

My background is in physical science
(I have a B.S. in meteorology and an M.S. in geography/atmospheric science), education (I have taught courses at the university level), and journalism (I worked as an on-air weathercaster and reporter for an NBC affiliate and as a meteorologist for ABC News, producing weather segments for Good Morning America).

I am a contributing editor to Weatherwise magazine. My work has also appeared in USA Today, The New York Times, on, and on nationally syndicated radio. I also have been interviewed as a weather expert by BBC Radio, The Weather Channel, and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

I also have experience in editing and Web content development.

My areas of specialization are weather, climate, environmental science, global change, and history of meteorology.

Here is a brief summary of my relevant accomplishments and qualifications:

  • I currently work in the Office of Communications at National Weather Service Headquarters, where I am responsible for a variety of activities that combine operational meteorology, communications and outreach to support the agency’s mission at a national level. My main duties include managing the agency’s online news and social media efforts at the national level, as well as writing, updating, and maintaining the top-level headline. I also served as the speechwriter for NWS director and deputy director from 2007-2010, developing and editing talking points, speeches, and presentations for an average of more than 50 events per year, including scientific conferences and public speaking events.
  • I also do freelance work as a Certified Consulting Meteorologist (CCM), science writer, and editor, based in New York City. I provide weather consulting services, including past weather research and records retrieval/analysis and forensic meteorological services, and expert witness testimony.
  • As a Web and communications specialist for the U.S. Climate Change Science Program and U.S. Global Change Research Program, both multi-agency programs that incorporate a variety of core research elements and cross-cutting themes, I was responsible for writing and editing communications and outreach materials for both electronic and print dissemination to targeted general audiences. I also assisted in the overall production, monitoring and maintenance of program Web sites.
  • As a content producer for an environmental communications company, I worked with members of key government agencies (NASA, NOAA, EPA, USDA Forest Service) and national media outlets to write content and develop visually dynamic products to help enhance public awareness of weather, climate and the environment.
  • As an on-air meteorologist and science reporter for an NBC news affiliate, I wrote, edited, and reported stories on weather, climate, science, and the environment, including two three-part series: "Tools of the Weather Trade" and "Climate Clues."
  • I write a bi-monthly column and contribute regular feature articles and other content on a freelance basis for Weatherwise magazine, as well as other national markets, including USA Today and The Weather Notebook radio program.
  • I have been involved in marketing efforts through the creation of brochures, fact sheets, logos, presentations, and workshops.

I am a member of the following organizations:

A copy of my resume/cv is available with more detailed information on my experience.
If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact me at .